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Top #1 Island in South Pacific

Situated in the very South east corner of Fiji, Fulanga is about as far from civilization as you can get. It is one of the most beautiful places we have been to in the world. Yes, the world.

Fulanga has it all. A beautiful protected lagoon with crystal clear waters, abundant sea life, corals that are alive and healthy, shallow waters, beautiful mushroom islets, a sand spit perfect for kite boarding, a pass to dive, and the beautiful people of Fiji in the nearby village. Life is good in Fulanga. So take the time to sit back relax and join us in this video where we explore above and below the pristine waters of this lagoon.

We were grateful to be able to share this unique and amazing place with Kim, Ashley’s mom. But Fulanga lacks one thing, a vegetable shop. With provisions running out and a flight to catch for Kim, we set off to the big city of Suva. After clearing the standing waves in the pass, we set sail for civilization. The passage was smooth and the big city lights greeted us at twilight after 2 nights at sea. With the sun coming up we pulled into the busy ramshackle port and made our way to the Royal Suva Yacht Club. Our very first reciprocal club experience in our entire world cruise.

Suva has a reputation among yachties as being a bit of a dump but we loved it! Blasting around in cheap cabs, amazing Indian food, friendly people, rugby games, and the best market we have ever seen! We saw mom off with a wonderful gentleman, Hari, in a beautiful air conditioned cab for the trek to the international airport on the other side of the island in Nadi. Suva, the shining hole of a city won our hearts. But time was ticking and we were dying for a swim in the ocean, it was time to keep going.



Mike Schrader
September 21, 2018

Hi guys. Great video. Binge-watched all your videos from the beginning. Very cool. My wife and I have plans to do what you’re doing. So, great to see a glimpse of what we can expect. Keep up the fantastic footage and you guys continue to have a fantastic adventure. Take care. Oh yeah, what’s the name of the song/band in this latest video (Adventure 44) when you guys are shopping at the outdoor market? Love it! Thanks.


    September 22, 2018

    Hey Mike! Thanks for the compliments. That song is called ‘Wonders’ by Ten Towers. Enjoy 🙂


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