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DODGING 50 KNOT STORMS in New Zealand – Adventure 38

New Zealand, New Zealand how beautiful you are! With the end of summer approaching and boat work dragging on it was time to get out of the bilges and go sail. Go sail the great Hauraki Gulf. We needed to get back to our usual shenanigans of hiking, fishing, diving, and getting a little crazy…

We pointed our bow to some of the famous islands such as Great Barrier, Mercury islands, Coromandel peninsula, Rangitoto and Waiheke. Not to mention the big city of Auckland was luring us south. With parks galore and beautiful bays, the cruising in this area cant be beat. Oh and did I mention underwater? The sea is alive! We have never seen so many fish. It was intimidating to be in the thick of things down there.

We walked in the lush forests of Great Barrier. Visited wineries on Waiheke. Got a taste of big city life in Auckland before getting away from all in the outer Mercury Islands.

But alas, just as we’d settled into the cruising life, we were rudely interrupted when a massive storm rolled through reminding us that winter was on its way and really, it was time for us to go. Time to head north where the palm trees sway. So with the last few errands done we were anxiously waiting for the weather to make a beeline for Fiji.


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