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My Eye Twitches

My eye has been twitching for months. At first it was the upper left. Then the twitch moved to the bottom right. For the past month the left eye has been twitching in combination with the bottom right. It starts randomly but is guaranteed to make an appearance at the slightest provocation. A mildly heated discussion with Ashley, a call to a boat broker or simply a todo list reappearing in my consciousness. I think I know why.

For the past four months we have gone thru every last piece of clutter we own. For each piece we have had to decide; Does it belong on a boat, garage sale, goodwill or garbage? There is no storage unit. Well, I’ll be honest. It was less “we” and more Ashley going thru our stuff. Once she was done, I went thru my closet and tools. Half to the goodwill, a quarter to the garbage and packed the remaining quarter.

But back to the twitch. I thought it would stop once we moved out. Not so. I lay here on a Dominican beach trying to relax with nothing to do. But the dream is on hold until we find a boat. So instead I amuse myself with the constant question of “Is it kite-able?” The answer has been no. Not enough wind. So I try to relax some more. That ever nagging question of “Will this next boat work out?” remains. My eye twitches.

In the meantime we have been exploring and adventuring around the Dominican Republic. The people are beautiful both inside and out. The beaches are postcard perfect. And while I wish we were living and kiting from a boat, I will enjoy every last minute of this journey.



















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