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Fire in the Boler

We drove (up) to the Grand Canyon today. All day up hill. The car was screaming. Begging for mercy. I had no idea the Grand Canyon was at such a high elevation. I also had no idea this is The Tourist mecca. Something like 2 million people per year. Beautiful nonetheless. We stood there and looked out at the sunset. My mind tried to make sense of it all. I tried to grasp the enormity of this thing. Then, just as I thought I’d figured it all out, I saw further. Another canyon. Another dimension. Incredible. Just incredible.

The variation in temperature is also incredible. Days get as high as 40 degress celsius (in the spring). Nights, close or below zero. I’m barbecuing and it’s bloody cold. Zero degrees. It is so cold, the warm beer feels good in my hands. It is so cold, the toothpaste is close to frozen. It is so cold, we are heating the Boler with the stove top. The Boler is so small, it can be heated with a single burner. You get the idea…

At one point, we were doing the twister getting dinner organized inside the Boler. Both of us smelled something. Something was on fire. Both of us saw, and reached for a shirt that had caught fire. It wasn’t big, but there were flames. Easy to put out. Words were exchanged. Amongst them, it was declared that This was Ashley’s Favourite shirt. And I had just burnt a decent hole in it. I’m unsure if it’s even possible to declare a shirt your favourite once you’re in your mid thirties. Nonetheless, I’d done the unspeakable.

Me? I thought it was hilarious. “Did this really just happen? Did I really just burn the cuff off your shirt?” My excuse? An oversize man living in a doll house. Tomorrow, I go shopping to buy a replacement of Ashley’s Favourite shirt. (maybe). Tomorrow, we buy a fire extinguisher.

The road trip continues….





















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March 31, 2015

Please don’t burn down the Boler. Also, it is totally fair to have a favourite shirt. It was a very nice shirt.

Love you guys (and seriously, no fires). xoxo


    March 31, 2015

    Bay, We really could have used Switzerland in that moment. Where were you? Did we mention there are 2 bunks?


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