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Day 17: Monsters are Jumping

Conditions: Squally. Just the rainy squall kind. Wet out here! Persons aboard: Two tired salty souls. Fish count: One good size skipjack tuna. We are no longer Tuna snobs given the drought.
(Ash) I have just realized that we have been out here a long time. By the time we get into port it will have been a very long time. Almost 3 weeks. Three weeks is a very long time to be on anything less then 500sqft. Now consider you really have no way off, no where to go and the damn thing keeps moving about on you. But gorgeous days like today seem to make you maybe want to stay out here forever. Or maybe I am just forgetting the rain squall that interrupted my yoga this morning and had me changing sails and soaking wet in minutes. Yup totally forgetting that moment. Awesome day!
I am grateful to have had these weeks. Such an amazing experience. We will look back on this passage and forget 90% of the bad and really remember all the awesome stuff. But seriously did you know how long twenty days is? That’s like three weeks. Almost a whole month! We have spent almost a whole month crossing the pacific ocean. Hold on, if you count the 7 days from Panama to the Galapagos, we have spent a whole month crossing the Pacific Ocean! WHOAH. Crazy.
(Ben) There’s monster fish in them seas. Yesterday our buddy boat got spooled by a monster. I witnessed a monster Tuna jump a hundred yards off our port size whilst sitting idly at the helm, awaiting the next squall. Bigger than a child. Probably about as heavy as I. Our other friends who have already arrived managed to land a tuna 1.5 meters long. One long hour in the fighting chair. There’s monsters out here. This captain is just waiting my turn.
I tell yah. Skipjack Tuna ain’t so bad. It’s what they make canned tuna out of but it’s hard to beat when it arrives on your dinner plate only minutes from being plucked from the ocean.
I keep telling Ashley she needs to publish her recipes. Tonight was no less than a five star meal. No five course, of course. It’s hard cooking while bouncing along. On the menu tonight: A bronzed golden delicios ginger glaze splashed ever so carefully overtop the temptously seared Tuna. Complete with scrumptious carrot slices gently swaddled with more bits of ginger. In all seriousness. I, as Ashleys agent, do think this idea has legs. This cooking book slogan may be “Delicious Tropical Meals from the High Seas – If I can make it in a fresh gale and ten foot seas, you’ll be laughing at home.” If you would like an exclusive early bird preview, please comment below. Thanks.
(Ash again). Shucks Ben you are too sweet and thanks for the public cooking props. It has been fun cooking out here, and sometimes very very hard. Always amazing to know it is appreciated :). Hmm cookbook hey. I will have to look into that!

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May 15, 2017

You know I’d be into the cookbook!
20 days is a LONG TIME. you guys are champs and land will be sooo welcomed and deserved!


May 15, 2017

I 100% think you should make a cookbook, Ashley. We’ll talk about it on the boat, in 3 weeks. OMIGOD!


May 15, 2017

Absolutely we want the cook book, and I think the name is perfect!


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