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Day 16 – Fresh Veggies

Conditions: We saw the sun! Finally a day where there was both a sunrise and sunset. Been a while. We are ignoring the rain squalls in between. Persons aboard: Two salty dogs. Fish count: Nada, nil, nix, zilch, zip, diddly-squat.. NOTHING.
(Ash) Tonight we are having Greek Salad for dinner. Can you believe it? 16 days in and a salad, well of sorts. Amazingly I still have a small tiny bit of iceburg lettuce too. Wish I had bought more of that. That stuff is insane. 16.5 days, actually 19.5 days, I bought it 3 days before we left and it’s still edible. Amazeballs! But we are really getting low. Bins are empty. Rations are on. The giant pumpkin, who I have nicknamed Greenbeard, his days are numbered. Fruit wise, there are only 4 apples and 2 oranges left. With an apple a day, the plan is to arrive with one to spare. Wish us luck.
PS. Was thinking that maybe some fresh fish might go nicely with the salad. But I might have to take some out of the freezer if we want any. Pretty sure there are no fish in this sea.

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