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Crossing the Pacific. 19 Days at Sea – Episode 18

We made it! No wait. Holy crap we did it! We crossed the Pacific Ocean! WOOOT!

Such a milestone and a huge bucket list item ticked off the list. I feel like we are finally real salty sailors. In reality we, have had much worse yet shorter passages so this one was pretty awesome. Not calm, but awesome. Let’s see here…We didn’t hit anything too scary like whales or containers. We had bad weather, but not terrible scary weather. It sure as heck wasn’t calm out there. We enjoyed our crossing so much that I think we could have kept going for another 19 days… okay maybe not. Well maybe another couple anyway!

So what did we get up to on passage, well we slept, we were on watch, we cooked, we ate like kings, we sailed (ALOT), we fished (ALOT), we caught (NOT SO OFTEN), we managed to do yoga and watched some Black Sails (tv show), we gazed at the stars (FOR HOURS), we watched the sun set and rise every day, we whined (ONLY A LITTLE), we were bounced around endlessly on a confused sea, we loved, we fought and we had the time of our lives.

We will always look back on this crossing with fondness. It is this kind of isolation. This sort of adventure that gets you thinking. Being at sea days or weeks will always be a special place for us. A place of solitude and peace.

While we were out there we captured a few moments. Some priceless. Some not. Check it out and let us know what you think. Much love from Nahoa and thank you for watching!

Would you cross an ocean? What on earth would you do for 19 days and 1 hour on a boat pitching and rolling with nothing and no one around?

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Jose Rodriguez
July 17, 2017

Hi, it’s Jose from Puerto Rico, how are your batteries working?


July 14, 2017

Well half way maybe … A lot more of the Pacific in front of you lol


    July 14, 2017

    You are so right. Huge amount of miles in front of us. It’s crazy how big the Pacific is. Can’t wait to explore them all.


      Jose Rodriguez
      July 17, 2017

      Hi from PR how are your ReLiOn working?


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