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Boat Surveys & Negotiations

Earlier this week we had a survey done on a boat in Miami. The word disappointing comes to mind. We went thru this boat with a fine-toothed comb. Absolutely every nook and cranny was looked into to. She was clean on the interior but definitely neglected on the outside for the past few years. There is an engine oil leak, one of the sail drives is gushing fluid and a laundry list of other concerns.

Part of the problem is we have decided on a very specific boat mind you; A Lagoon 380 S2 Owners version. Turns out that this kind of boat doesn’t come onto the market all too often and if you want a non-chartered version at beginning of the Caribbean cruising season then, well, good luck. In short, all of these issues we found are above and beyond the (preliminary) price we had agreed to. Essentially we will have to walk if we can’t get a very substantial price adjustment. If the seller agrees is yet to be seen.








This will be my new office. A desk, chair and laptop is all that is required.





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