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This Just Happened

Not sure how this happened. Well, I do. It just followed us home. Possibly also something to do with a couple bottles of wine, Ashley suggesting the word ‘Boler’ and me falling in love (with a Boler). That was Saturday. 72 hours later and we are proud new owners of a 1974 13′ Boler. 72 hours later and Ashley has spent 70 hours on Pinterest looking at Boler interiors. Scheming. Planning on how to reno the inside of this precious piece of equipment before we leave.

The plan? We spend two weeks driving down to Florida to the boat we will likely buy. Camping Bolering along the way. Park the car for a few months. Cruise the Bahamas. Come back and put the boat on the hard for Hurricane Season. Boler up the east coast. Into the maritimes. Across Canada. A couple months back in Victoria before starting the next Caribbean cruising season a new. That’s the plan at least. Things may change.

But back to the Boler. It’s pretty sweet. Weighs around 900 lbs. It’s a charm to tow. New tires. New bearings. Solid trailer frame. It’s got a two burner stove for those five course meals Ashley will cook. Inside needs some work but we have a vision. It’s going to be sweet!

Some before pictures…








And after taking out a few bags of garbage…








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