Our mainsail took an absolute beating on the Pacific crossing. Nineteen days of sun, chafe and wave slap turned it into a raggity, bagged out piece of cloth. We knew it was in bad shape but thought we could baby it to New Zealand. We were wrong. In one small upwind stint, we tore the luff, popped out a batten and broke the zipper on the mainsail bag. We’ve been able to sew, patch and mend for the time being but a new mainsail is in the works. We have measured and are talking to sail makers around the world to get one ordered and delivered in a two months time.

We hope you enjoy this episode.

Ashley & Ben

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Just a quick update as internet is very sparse out here. Since we have arrived in French Polynesia, we have cruised through the breathtaking and rather wet Marquesas and are now in the Tuamotu. The underwater life here is just incredible! It is absolutely alive below the surface. Friendly and not so friendly sharks circle our back […]

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Day 16 – Fresh Veggies

Conditions: We saw the sun! Finally a day where there was both a sunrise and sunset. Been a while. We are ignoring the rain squalls in between. Persons aboard: Two salty dogs. Fish count: Nada, nil, nix, zilch, zip, diddly-squat.. NOTHING. (Ash) Tonight we are having Greek Salad for dinner. Can you believe it? 16 […]

Day 15 – Mr Fix It

Conditions: Better! Still a huge swell, a million sail changes with fickle wind, but so much better! Except why oh why are there always huge squalls at dinner time? Persons aboard: Haven’t checked in a while. Could you imagine if we found a stowaway. That would be so cool at this point! Fish count: We’re […]

Day 14 – Chores

Conditions: Waves, waves, waves, squalls and fickle winds. Conditions must be better today, we did chores. Day 14 was officially our slowest day of the trip so far. Only 140nm covered in the last 24hr. Persons aboard: 2 clean sailors Fish count: Does chicken count? Steak fajitas anyone? Just to be clear, this does not […]

Day 13 – Awful. Just Awful

Conditions: The title of this post says it all. Persons aboard: One miserable. One very miserable. Fish count: I tried. Three lines out. Tangled two. Awful. Just awful. (Ben) What a miserable day. No wind. Tons of wind. Squalls. Rain. Waves. Huge rollers. No wind. More rain. More waves FROM ALL DIRECTIONS. Ahhhhhhh. Frustrating. This […]

Day 12 – Course Change

Conditions: MIXED BAG. Clouds, Mild Squall, wind, no wind, a sprinkle of rain, finally a downpoor. Persons aboard: Deux. Un Monsieur. Un Mademoiselle. Fun fact: We’re entering a land where they speak French (french Polynesia).ir Ashley tells me she’s been practicing her french on the toilet. Out loud. Fish count: Two Mahi Mahi. Had three […]

Day 11 – Mid Ocean Babble

Conditions: 10 – 15 knots. Had our Code Zero (light wind sail) up most of the day. It’s a downwind sleigh ride. Persons aboard: Two. One male. One female. Fish count: Made a sweet new lure out of a Laphroaig scotch cork. Looks like it works great. I mean, hasn’t caught anything yet but putting […]

Day 10 – Half Way. HALF WAY!

Conditions: Confused seas this morning gave way to a more gentle ride in the afternoon. There’s nothing worse than short steep waves. Forty knots of wind, no problem. Big huge rolling swell, no worries. Short steep 1-6 foot chop. Barf. Persons aboard: I wish three. Kind of ran out of stories and no one else […]

Day 9 – No One

Conditions: 18 to 23 knots. Windy now. We’re surfing down waves consistently at 10 to 12 knots. Max speed in last 24 hours was 14.3 knots and 185 nautical miles. I think we’ll break a 200 mile day yet. Persons aboard: Two irresponsible adults. Fish count: Nada. Zilch. Nichts. (Ben) Haven’t seen or talked to […]

Day 8 – Blustery & Rough

Conditions: 18 to 23 knots. Overcast. It’s rough out. The oceans are confused. Waves coming from three directions. We’re getting wave slap underneath this cat causing the entire saloon table to bounce up a couple inches. It’s loud. Boom! KaBoom!! Sleep comes in spurts when one is too tired to care about being bounced around […]

Day 7 – Is Anybody Out There?

Conditions: A gentle 10 knots. The sun is shining. The stereo is blasting The Best Of The Eagles and french toast is appearing out of the galley. A grand morning. Persons aboard: Two for the time being. Fish count: Caught two flying fish on the trampoline last night. I know. That doesn’t count as “fish” […]

Day 7 – Is Anybody Out There?

Conditions: A gentle 10 knots. The sun is shining. The stereo is blasting The Best Of The Eagles and french toast is appearing out of the galley. A grand morning. Persons aboard: Two for the time being. Fish count: Caught two flying fish on the trampoline last night. I know. That doesn’t count as “fish” […]

Day 6 – Shifts Shifts Shifts.

Conditions: Wind has filled in. White caps everywhere. 18 knots on the port quarter. Absolutely gorgeous sailing. Screaming along on a broad reach. Life is good. Had a few squalls this morning. Nothing with much punch to it. Just a bit of rain. Persons aboard: Still two. Fish count: I don’t want to talk about […]

Day 5: Food Obsessions Continue

Conditions: A mild 8 to 12 knots during the day. A gentle 2 meter swell is lifting us up ever so gently and then dropping us back down. Ramping up slightly to 11 to 15 knots of wind during the night. Persons aboard: Still two. Fish count: Zero. Not even a bite. A sad sad […]

Day 4 – Cranking Out The Miles

Day 4: Conditions: Had a fantastic run the last 24 hours seeing winds up to 18 knots. 8-10 knots of boat speed. We hope this is signs of things to come once we get further south in the stronger trade winds. Covered 190nm in last 24hr, that is close to a record for us! Persons […]

Day 3. Galapagos to Marquesas

Day 3: By Ash: Settling in. Yup, we are settling in. I am not so sea sick and finally am getting into the swing of things. Fish are being caught and we have a beautiful red footed boobie hanging out with us for entertainment. His name is boobie Bill and he is beautiful. The wind […]

Day 1, 2. Galapagos to Marquesas

By Ash: Anticipation and excitement and quite a bit of frustration lead up to our departure. We were desperately trying to upload a video to youtube and finish up a few tasks that we had left to the last minute… you know bond letters for entering french Polynesia and boat insurance… no biggy. Well we […]

Video: The Panama Canal – Episode 14

What an experience of a lifetime! After much planning and waiting, this is definitely one of those milestones in our lives that we will never forget. A one-way ticket of sorts. An exit from the Caribbean and the entry into the Pacific. A homecoming of sorts as we have spent most of our lives in the Pacific. […]

Video: Adventures in Panama – Episode 12

In  this episode we have a grand old time getting around in Panama. We (possibly illegally) walk through the port of Colon to get the paperwork process started for transiting the Canal. We figure out how to catch schooling tuna and generally just enjoy the last couple of weeks on the Atlantic side of the […]

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